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Subtractive capabilities offer a world of endless possibilities when it comes to complex part manufacturing. Our additive methods such as 3D printing allow for intricate geometries to be created that may have otherwise been impossible to achieve.

Our design and engineering team have the expertise and cutting-edge technology to produce top-notch Additive parts that are tailored to your design needs. Our design methodologies are geared towards optimizing the design for a production run, ensuring scalability during the prototyping phase.  We strive to maintain the highest standards of production in order to ensure that our valued customers are getting a product that meets industry requirements and regulations.
With comprehensive training, careful adherence to industry best practices, and continuous improvement processes, we’re proud of our commitment to quality management and ensuring that our customers are receiving the industry’s best possible products.1


3D Printed Rapid Prototypes (design and engineering teams turn their ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, enabling real-time product design feedback and concept testing.

Rapid Prototyping services can be a real game changer for design and engineering teams that are looking to move quickly from concept to reality. With expertise in industrial design, these services deliver a valuable combination of expertise and cutting edge technology that enables rapid product development along with real-time feedback and concept testing. It’s an ideal solution for those who need their product designs created, refined, and perfected quickly and efficiently – making the entire design process less time consuming and more economical.

“Cut short product development timelines from months to days. With quicker iterations arrive at your final product designer at lightning speed.”

Our Selection of 3D Printers, Materials and Processes 

We have chosen disruptive 3D printing technologies for a new era of manufacturing that enables high build quality up to 10 times faster then any existing 3D printing technology. And allows for the production of high temperature resistant, high-performance parts using some of the world’s most advanced materials.

Expertise from our Application Engineers 

Our 3D application engineers are the backbone of 3D printing prototypes. With exceptional problem solving skills and creative insights, they always come up with innovative and reliable 3D prototypes that meet the highest industry standards. Their expertise ensures that clients receive top-notch products with accuracy and simplicity in mind. We are proud of the work our 3D application engineers put in to create the best 3D printed prototypes available!


It’s high-time we rethink plastic part design and look to produce lighter and better products, components, and tools. Certified materials such as thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers are used to create prototypes integrated with precision. Utilizing these materials has a range of advantages that would save time, cost, and part weight in the long run. Not only would it increase the functionalities of various items, but it would also result in simplified assemblies across various industries.

Plastic 3D Printed Prototypes 

3D printing has become an invaluable asset for businesses looking to speed up their design process and turn innovative ideas into tangible products more quickly. Our 3D printers allow a variety of 3D printed prototypes to be created for a range of purposes, from concept models to precision and functional prototypes, master patterns, and even end-use components. This comprehensive 3D printing capability empowers companies to effectively optimize their designs, streamline their workflows, and launch new products faster than ever before – all without leaving the office or factory floor.

Full-Color 3D Printed Prototypes 

3D post finishing is an essential step in creating 3D-printed parts that can function in any environment. 3D post finishing gives 3D-printed objects a smooth, accurate surface finish that mimics traditional manufacturing processes. Along with this, 3D post finishing allows for custom coloring and surface finishes, opening the door for limitless possibilities. From educational settings to commercial environments with the highest demands, 3D post finishing can provide the perfect solution for any 3D-printing need. With a wide range of color and surface options to choose from, 3D printed parts can go far beyond visually pleasing and become fully functional objects trusted by educators and companies alike.

“We rethink plastic part design and look to produce lighter and better products, components, and tools.”


Low-volume production and bridge manufacturing is an innovative way to reduce tooling costs, allow for customizations in product productions, and quickly bring your product to market. This quick approach involves completing a single prototype of the product at volume 1 with the assistance of 3D printing. The quick turnaround time ensures quick prototyping and an expedited path from design to market. Low-volume production and bridge manufacturing allows for quick iteration of designs too, which makes this process even faster when compared with traditional methods. With the help of this unique approach, you can reduce waste, reach more consumers faster and stay ahead in this ever-changing market.

Our Difference 

On demand parts manufacturing is a game changer for businesses looking to reduce their lead times on production. The ability to produce what you need, where you need it right when you need it is immensely helpful — no more waiting on costly delays caused by traditional inventory turnover methods. With on demand parts manufacturing, businesses can remain agile and flexible while enjoy faster delivery times on the products they need at a reasonable cost.

Direct Digital Production with Additive Manufacturing 

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) makes production-grade parts faster, cheaper and more accessible than ever before. With advanced additive technologies the use of production-grade materials such as PA11 & PA12 nylon, PEEK, ABS, CARBON, ULTEM and TPU just to name a few creative designers and production engineers will find a cost-effective production option tailored to their needs. Eliminating the need for tooling saves both time and money, allowing projects to be brought to market quicker than ever before. Low volume production is also made easier thanks to these new manufacturing techniques which can produce high quality items with greater precision then traditional production methods in shorter lead times. Rather than waiting months for production resources or manual fabrication; your designs can now be rapidly brought to life for customers around the world.

Investment Casting 

3D casting has revolutionized the way patterns are produced for manufacturing operations. 3D printed patterns offer an efficient, reliable and accurate alternative compared to traditional casting patterns created using tooling. 3D printing also cuts down on cost and time as 3D printed casting patterns can be created up to 10x faster than those assembled using tooling. The convenience it offers for the production process is highly valueable and makes 3D printing a go-to choice for many manufacturer all over the world.

“Produce what you need, where you need it right when you need.”


3D printing technology has revolutionized the way CAD files can be quickly turned into highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for a variety of uses, such as aesthetic reviews, trade shows and sales presentations. Companies no longer have to wait the weeks or months it would take to fabricate parts and display models through traditional manufacturing methods – instead, they can rely on 3D printing solutions to create these display models with more speed, precision, and affordability. As a result, companies can ensure their products look as good in person as they do on screen.

Our Difference 

We deliver a unique combination of 3D printing and materials technologies, traditional subtractive production processes, engineering expertise, and artistic finishing skills near you to make your designs come to life early in the product development stage.

Accelerating the Design Process 

Whatever you are developing and producing – we are able to supply an appearance model with identical ‘look-and-feel’ characteristics and functions to your final production part.

Our team of experts and artisans select from a wide range of additive and subtractive technologies, combined with craftsmanship precision and a range of finishing options to make your design come to life.

“We deliver a unique combination of 3D printing and materials technologies.”


Making and prototyping a product is a great way to gauge the potential success of an idea or design. However, prototyping should only be the first step in assessing a product. Beyond the look and feel of the prototype, features such as usability, ergonomics, manufacturability, materials testing and other technical requirements need to be addressed to ensure that the final version of the product will perform as expected.

Choose from a broad range of materials and see how they perform in Real-World Environments.

Test Various Materials in Real-World Environments 

Choose from the broad range of materials and see how they perform under the thermal, chemical, and mechanical stresses of everyday product use.

Explore Manufacturing Processes 

You can determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.

Eliminate Time-Consuming and Costly Tooling 

From your specifications, we will produce a real-world part the same day or within days, instead of months.

Functional Prototypes 

3D printed functional prototypes enable real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments in production tooling. These realistic prototypes can take on the appearance of your final finished product, including color and material selection. Manufacturing processes can be explored using functional prototypes to determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.

Concept Modeling 

Functional prototyping and concept modeling give design and engineering teams the ability to view and test products in real-world environments. A finished 3D printed concept model helps communicate ideas that transform digital CAD files on a screen into final products for user testing, design verification, or product design iterations. 3D printed concept models help bridge the gap between rapid prototyping of simple designs and final production design. Concept models allow ideas to be communicated to broader teams for approval, design revisions, or marketing purposes.

“Choose from the broad range of materials and see how they perform in Real-World Environments.”


3D printing has enabled us to push the boundaries of 3D product design. By taking advantage of 3D printable models, you can quickly and seamlessly turn your next idea into a reality without having to invest time intensively designing 3D files from scratch. With our 3D design services, we can work together to make sure that your product is production-ready right away. Let us help alleviate the stress of 3D design so you can take your idea straight to production quickly and easily.

Transform your idea into a ready-to-print 3D model 

All you need to start production is a 3D printable model. No model? No problem. Be it complete new product designing or optimizing your existing designs 3DX has you covered. Work with us to seamlessly turn your next big idea into a production-ready 3D file. Our in-house design is capable of adapting to your needs and creating products at an agile pace.

Concept – As little as an idea, as much as a spec 

We can get started with as little as a napkin sketch or as much as an engineering drawing. Existing 2D or 3D assets are often the perfect starting point for a great design.

3D Model-Hard-edged or organic 

We’re capable of using the right tool for the right job – whether you’re making a functional component, an innovative giveaway, or an aesthetic model.

3D Printed Product – Limited edition or mass production 

Once your design is finalized we can immediately begin production. Start with 1, 10, 100, or 10,000 units, it’s entirely up to you.

“Accelerating the Design Process we are able to supply an appearance model with identical ‘look-and-feel’ characteristics and functions to your final production part.”


Our company specializes in providing reverse engineering services using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology. With our expertise in reverse engineering and in-depth knowledge of 3D scanning technology, we can accurately capture the physical properties of objects and create highly detailed digital models. Our team of experts has extensive experience in reverse engineering and can provide valuable insights into the product’s design, materials, and manufacturing process. Whether you need to reverse engineer a complex mechanical component, electrical system, or software application, our 3D scanning and modeling services can help you get the job done efficiently and accurately. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and quality to our clients, and we work closely with them to ensure that their reverse engineering needs are met with precision and accuracy.

“With the dawn of Digital Manufacturing, Digital Inventory emerges as an enabler of supply chain agility.”


In an era of digital manufacturing companies are switching to Just-In-Time manufacturing producing parts when  needed allowing manufacturers to cater their production to current demand and help avoid backlogs. Just-In-Time manufacturing helps solve the unpredictability caused by parts breakage, and avoid stocking up or  redundant parts allowing for the production of critical parts when required. Adopting a JIT system requires however to thoroughly prepare the last-minute production of parts by creating a  catalogue of files for Pre-configured parts, ready to be manufactured. A Digital Inventory allows rather than storing items on shelves in a literal warehouse to store items in cloud-based  repositories of the electronic 3D files of the parts you might to wish to print anywhere, anytime on short notice. Therefore whether you’re a small business without the means to invest in a warehouse, or a large business sinking  under the weight of an overflowing stockpile, our digital warehousing service helps you securely store your 3D part files  and ensure your order fulfilment.

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