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Application Fields

3D printing is changing the world of production as we know it. But the technology is leading to much bigger change in society and changing entire business models, transforming working environments and delivering added value and sustainability. Recent increase in 3D printing applications is due to the fact it is a simple technology that can be utilized in a variety of fields.

After all the geometric possibilities of this technology are practically unlimited and therefore also its industrial applications.


Manufacturing has come a long way since its inception, offering faster product manufacturing and development with increasing demand. We’re excited to provide manufacturing services through our proven additive manufacturing technologies and materials. Our goal is to be the manufacturing partner you can always rely on to meet your needs – no matter what they may be. With us, you’ll get an efficient manufacturing process tailored to your requirements, ensuring the highest quality products are delivered in the shortest time possible.


The automotive industry runs at a fast pace, requiring production-grade automotive parts in quick turnaround times. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Fortunately, 3D printing can make automotive applications possible that are both cost efficient and can meet the automotive industry’s tight schedules. By partnering with an experienced 3D printing provider, you can leverage today’s robust digital technologies and advanced manufacturing processes to get automotive parts in virtually any form or shape. With its unique capabilities, 3D printing provides reliability, accuracy and quality that allow design engineers to quickly produce automotive parts with improved performance and reduced costs.


The aerospace industry is in a state of continual evolution and growth. With the introduction of additive manufacturing to the aerospace sector, companies are now better equipped with capabilities to produce aerospace grade parts that embody cosmetically accurate features that improve both performance and safety regulations. We offer comprehensive support for aerospace part production that meets the standards set forth by aerospace manufacturers. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the aerospace sector and can help you navigate these complicated regulations while maximizing quality assurance at each step of the engineering process. We are ready to provide reliable assistance and assist in transforming aerospace part manufacturing within your operation.


The digital revolution has ushered in a new era of customized products. Advancements in manufacturing technology and production methods ensure that customers are able to get exactly what they desire and create personalized products tailored to their preferences. Manufactured customized goods now include nearly any material, finish, color, or speed of production at varying price points. This expansive array of choices allows customers to make their products unique, creating truly customized and customer-centric products anywhere from wearables, sporting goods, eyewear, and furniture down to jewelry and accessories


Our manufacturing methodologies allow us to work with customer’s changing needs and deliver manufactured parts that are of the highest quality at an agile pace. Here is how we can help you with your consumer goods and product needs


3D printing technology has revolutionized the medical device and product industry. 3D printed medical parts can be personalized and engineered to meet practical needs with the added benefit of conducive ergonomics, providing patients with a more human-centric experience. Our specialized 3D printing processes suit applications for rapid prototyping as well as short production run.

Today’s technological advances in 3D printing can improve fit and comfort for people who wear insoles or orthotic and prosthetic devices, helping to improve their everyday standards of living.


Many educational programs have recognized the need to incorporate 3D printing into their curricula, given how profoundly the technology is transforming entire industries from healthcare, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, dental, medical to entertainment. The technology is becoming an ever greater part of our daily lives and offering an even greater benefit to education. The impact of 3D printing in education helps however improve students engagement and collaboration, to workforce development, multidisciplinary thinking, and empowers creativity. 3D Printing helps with students with their Professional Development. It allows them to better prepared for the Jobs of tomorrow.


Additive manufacturing is becoming a staple technology in the field of dentistry — both in dental practices via “chair-side” 3D printing and in off-site dental laboratories for more demanding print jobs.

Dental practices and laboratories use 3D printing for a wide variety of applications, from the printing of models to make thermoset dental aligners, to the direct 3D printing of full dentures. Not only does this make life easier for dental professionals, but it also results in tangible benefits for patients: tailored dental solutions are now more effective and affordable than ever. 

The dental 3D printing application with the biggest popular impact is, by some distance, 3D printed models for the creation of patient-specific dental aligners. Another indirect dental 3D printing application is the 3D printing of patterns for casting. These patterns can be used to cast items like crowns, bridges, and copings.

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